Landscape management

Discover a better landscape garden, with the right care. Inch’s Landscaping now offers a superior Landscape Management program. This program is devised with one of our Garden managers who are dedicated to healthy results in your garden by proper techniques. Every Tree, Shrub, flower in your bed requires different care. Our program with knowledgeable garden managers is devoted to enhancing your property through correct care. You will have a designated garden Manager who will be directly contacted to through, email, phone or text. This allows you quick, direct communication with someone who knows your property best.



Our Program offers the following components:

  • Soil Diagnostic Testing Shrub,

  • Tree and Perennial fertilization through organic techniques

  • Disease and pest control Select pruning of all plant material

  • Hand Weeding

  • Irrigation maintenance

  • Mulching, Edging

  • Outdoor lights

  • Complete Documentation files on Property



It's no secret that some hotel shampoos and soaps make you dry and itchy. We approached independent soap makers Fine Cloud to craft lavender, rose, shea butter, and coconut oil-based toiletries that leave your hair and skin soft, smooth, and smelling great. We also have fragrance-free, avocado butter varieties for those with allergies.


Fine Dining On-Site

Our hotel is inspired by the global mid-century modern design movement, and in turn, our on-site restaurant and café, Continental, is influenced by cuisines around the world. Famous for her fusion dishes, head chef Layla Wu creates seasonal menus that still have a little bit of English flair. That’s right, you can still get your fish and chips, but don’t be surprised to taste a little tarragon.


In-Hotel Bar

The mixologists at our bar, Refill, create innovative and delicious cocktails with a chemist’s precision. Beers crafted by London’s best breweries are on tap and rotated monthly to keep our selections interesting. We also have a small stage where musicians and entertainers of all kinds perform for the sensory delight of our guests.